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Our Mission

The Northumberland Sports Council is committed and dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of sport, recreation and healthy active living opportunities for all citizens in Northumberland County. 

Vision and Values

  • Ensure the sustainability of sport (HR and financially)
  • Be a united voice to advocate the benefits of sport
  • Facilitate opportunities for training and recruitment of coaches, administrators and other volunteers involved in sport
  • Ensure sport is available to all – no one is excluded
  • Co-operatively promote special events and competitions in Northumberland County
  • Advocate for healthy active living for all
  • Promote ‘cradle to grave’ participation
  • Develop resources and databases that assist sports with the conduction of their activities


  • The NSC will ensure that its programs and services will:
  • Provide accessible services for all individuals and groups
  • Have minimal barriers to participation including financial and physical space
  • Foster co-operation, collaboration and partnership among groups
  • Advocate for the benefits of sport, physical activity and active living
  • Support the recognition of accomplishments of individuals and groups

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote active and inclusive involvement in sport and physical recreation
  • Provide a mechanism and facilitation for networking and communication between sport organizations and encourage the sharing of experiences and resources
  • Work towards communication and co-operation among individuals, organizations and sectors
  • Celebrate achievements and contributions of volunteers who actively promote sport, active living and recreation
  • Enhance the common goals of sport organizations in Northumberland without reducing  the current services provided by the municipalities
  • Advocate for the beneifts of healthy active living, sport and recreation
  • Work toward maximizing resources, while eliminating unnecessary duplication
  • Identify sources of funding in order to achieve the mandate of the Council and ensure the organization can be self- sustaining
  • Provide opportunities for training and recruitment of coaches, administrators, executive and other volunteers
  • Be a united voice for the  mutual benefit of not-for-profit sport organizations in   Northumberland County
  • Develop and maintain a financial strategy intended to assist with the principles of the NSC

Northumberland Sports Council
Northumberland Sports Council
P.O. Box 13,
Port Hope, ON L1A 3V9

1-866-888-4577 x 1488 (message)

1-905-376-3798 (Molly Klintworth, Coordinator)