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JoinIn Northumberland and the Northumberland Sports Council have joined together under the NSC organization with the objective to promote and support organizations to provide accessible recreation opportunties.

The Northumberland Sports Council believes that removing barriers to access and creating opportunities and conditions where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility. We recognize that as community leaders we will continue to build partnerships at the local level to remove barriers and create opportunities for everyone, especially low-income individuals and families, to join in!

The NSC has various member organizations that are committed to:

• developing and implementing open access policies with physical activity providers
• eliminating access to equipment as a barrier
• promoting free opportunities for physical activity
• streamlining the process to access financial support relating to participation
• promoting the benefits of physical activity as a foundation for a healthy community

The JOIN IN! Toolkit assists organizations with information on becoming access-friendly by removing financial barriers to participation. Click to find out more and download your own toolkit.





Northumberland Sports Council
Northumberland Sports Council
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1-905-376-3798 (Molly Klintworth, Coordinator)